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Offshore Software Development Companies: How They Can Improve Your Business’ Security

The role that technology plays in business in the past decade has been more and more evident. The growth of technology in all areas has proven how much it can offer industries in many ways. Technology has positively impacted business owners and customers alike, from a wide range of services that businesses can now provide, … Continue reading “Offshore Software Development Companies: How They Can Improve Your Business’ Security”

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Various Strategies to be followed for Mobile App Development Process

If I say that the world now belongs to technology then I won’t be wrong. Technology has revolutionized the way we talk and behave with others. Also, it has made our tasks easier when compared to the days before the advent of technology. Here I’ll be talking about the mobile technology that has made the lived of every individual simple, easy, innovative and pleasing. Apart from this, it has also brought a relief to the financial aspect of any organization, through attracting the massive number of potential audience from across the globe.

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How Small Businesses can leverage Content Marketing to Increase Sales

As a small business owner, you must have a lot of things on your mind but the best way is to know how businesses can leverage strategic marketing campaign. It really doesn’t make sense to post a long tale on the website where your audience won’t be interested in reading more. It’s true content marketing takes time and effort, along with the willingness to learn, and yes, even fail. We at infiCare consider some of the points while crafting a content marketing strategy for our clients.

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Ways to Implement Multifactor Authentication System during Mobile App Development

Before we proceed on to discuss the ways in which businesses can implement multifactor authentication in the mobile app lets drag our attention to what MFA is and why is it a must to implement.
Multi-factor Authentication is the need of every business and the most reliable way to ensure users personally identifiable information.

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Reason Why Your App needs Video Marketing! | App Marketing

Video has always proved to be a powerful tool to deliver interesting content and turn the audience into loyal customers.
So it won’t be surprising if I say video advertising is doing the same for mobile marketers across the world.
Okay let’s start from the beginning- You get an app idea; you quickly look to hire the best mobile app development company. You discuss with them all the app idea and your app finally gets developed and is ready to hit the market.

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Why Mobile App for Healthcare is Necessary Today?

With almost every sector turning towards advanced mobile technology, the healthcare industry hasn’t been left behind.
As we all know healthcare services have always been in high demand, every clinic & hospitals are willing to succeed and meet the patient’s expectations. Today, most hospitals have embraced health apps that are helping them to grow more in a better way. This innovation also holds a great opportunity to make a difference in society.

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Grow your customer base with a Grocery Store Mobile App

The technology has helped the business in taking a rise which has led to the success of many businesses. Here I am talking about the B2C online business that has received an enormous response from customers across the world and one such is the grocery business which is an on-going demand of the consumers.

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Building Trust with Your Customers Online- Digital Marketing

What is that one single thing that goes in the mind of every entrepreneur? Definitely, it’s creating a great customer relationship that helps a business grow. We all know trust is the only crucial building block in any relationship but, how can you build that trust with your customers?

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Things You Need To Craft a Content Marketing Strategy That Really Works

A strategic approach is necessary and crucial for successful content marketing. Crafting a content strategy can be worthwhile, because it makes everything afterward a whole lot easier: coming up with great ideas, measuring success, planning for your budget and team, and more. At infiCare, our content marketing team helped many clients devise their strategy that is unique. Our comprehensive content strategy covers every part of the marketing process.

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Ways to Boost Your Enterprise App Downloads

If you are reading this blog post, then I am pretty much sure that either you are about to or have planned to launch your new enterprise mobile app. You much be wondering how much work you need in order to make your app a success. Maybe you’re just curious …

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Content Marketing without Blogging – Is it possible?

Content marketing has been the buzzword on everyone’s lips now as it is the best way to bring in organic traffic to your site. But is it really possible to do content marketing without blogging? Sounds strange! 9 out of 10 brands use blogs as part of their marketing strategy as it is cited as an effective way of lead generation.

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Tips for Mobile App Development UI Design Trends

The mobile app designs keep on changing year after year as per the changing demand of the industry. In the quest of keeping your users and audience stick to your app, you need to leave behind the old designs and layouts and keep up with the new ideas of UI designs to make the experience innovative and value offering.

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How to Optimize Your Content- infiCare Technologies

Content isn’t something that is very uncommon but it is definitely very important in every business industry. We all at some point in time must have experienced the heat of content weaves around any business for a better productivity and results oozing from it.

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How to promote your app through Social Media?

Social Media- the word itself depicts lack of privacy or you can say too much socially connected. It is used by every single individual who has taken a dive into the pool of Social Media either with genuine identity or fake.

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What Makes A Good and Successful Mobile App?: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s not going to be astonishing if I say there are many mobile apps in the app store. Each and every app is developed to fulfill the needs of the audience. If we talk about the idea and need of developing a mobile app- it is basically meant to simplify the complications of human life assist them in the best way possible while having the user engaged.

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How can you Re-Engage your inactive app users? Here are the ways!

Back again with the mobile application topic, before starting I would like to say that now users don’t stick to one particular service. The scenario today has totally changed…the moment your users find that there is something wrong with your services or product; they don’t wait to switch to another.

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How Social Media Changes the Way Consumers Shop: Digital Marketing

Social media gives the businesses control over their brand reputation. How??

Many businesses leave the impact on the minds of the audience via Social Media and so the audience publicly shares opinions and directly interacts with brands through social media platforms.

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Common Content Strategy Mistakes: Content Marketing

The easier Content Marketing sound, the tougher it is. While being effective it can become difficult to be perfect.

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How mobile apps are changing the landscape of the healthcare industry?

The medical requirement is growing and the use of mobility solution has been adopted by many healthcare centers. Today healthcare industry has switched from what they were doing earlier to customized mobile solutions that are increasingly smarter, rich in functionality and convenient to use.

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A Comprehensive Guide on Play Store Optimization

PSO has today become a necessary means for businesses in getting the apps ranked higher among the list of thousands of apps.

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Features required in an Enterprise Chat App- Mobile App Development

Portability, along with communications, has given a shout to the enterprises to integrate a chat app in their business module to facilitate the users to become more accessible and productive.

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Why SEO depends much on content

Although SEO and Content Marketing are totally different elements of Digital marketing, it would be right if we say SEO is depended on content and they are inseparable when it comes to getting your website ranked in search engines.

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An Insider’s Guide to Mobile App Development

Having years of experience in the UI/UX industry, the designing world has changed a lot. Projects after projects we encountered a lot of new things and features, trends and strategies that took us our flight as the leading mobile app development company high above.

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Benefits of VR Technology you can leverage for your Retail Business

I could easily recall the time when I used to go shopping, half of the time I used to spend on the phone talking to my mother and explaining the things to get approval before buying the stuff.

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Bring the power of IBM Watson and change the nature of your business!

We have often heard people saying- ‘work smart instead of hard’ and without any doubt, I would say- Yes, it is applicable at a certain point in our life.

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What all Android P has- Check out the features!

Once again Android is up with its newest operating system that was announced in I/O 2018 which is now been known as Android P. While the Android P full form has not been revealed yet, but that doesn’t really stop us from getting excited about the new features and tweaks of the operating system.

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How can personalized content help your business communicate in a better way?

What was the first ad that you came across when you opened your Facebook?? Do you receive emails from companies that address you by name? Have you ever looked at any of the ads and wondered- ‘Ah… I would like to purchase the product!’

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Now build ‘meaningful relationships’ through FACEBOOK!

As a little girl, I always thought that making friends was only possible either in school or summer camps. The camp would conclude with a group sing-along, the exchange of addresses, and earnest promises of never-ending friendship that would last forever.

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Grow Your Beauty and Wellness Business with a Mobile App!

The trending “On Demand” technology has boomed across the world. If we talk about mobile application then, right from the online ordering of food delivery to health and fitness can be utilized for their respective purposes.

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Apple released iOS 11.3- What are the new features added?

With every update, the users get excited and wonder- what’s going to be new? While iOS 11.3 doesn’t have as many new features when compared to iOS 11.2, there are still a lot of updates that users are loving about Apple’s latest update.

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The Brain Dead Facebook Ad Mistakes that should be avoided!

A few years ago from now, Facebook was recognized as a platform to make friends and stay connected with them online. But today, the same platform has exalted many businesses.

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Health and Fitness App Development- The need and importance!

For many out there, fitness has become a new religion. Every now and then you will hear people talking about their health and fitness.

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Content Marketing without Blogging – Is it possible?

Content marketing has been the buzz word on everyone’s lips now as it is the best way to bring in the organic traffic to your site.

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AI is helping transform Small Businesses. What about Yours?

The intensity of a tech-era has consumed the day-to-day necessities insanely. Today we all agree to the fact and can also relate to it that calling technology an integral part of our lives, would not be wrong but what about businesses? Are they making enough use of it?

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4 Copywriting tips to keep the target audience’s eyes glued to your screen

One of our clients (Danny) told us that they have a variety of skin care products on their website that aren’t being sold out.

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How Food Delivery App is taking the market by storm!

With the technology coming up with wonders every year makes the audience feel excited about it.

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Tips for Using Hashtags across Social Media Platforms- Digital Marketing

Few years ago the symbol ‘#’ was just known as a hash mark (that was observed specially on the dial pad of the phone).

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How utilizing Chatbots can benefit your e-commerce business?

As we are moving ahead, e-commerce business is booming constantly. With people spending more time on the internet it is a must you should be switching your business online to B2B or B2C.

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iBeacon Mobile Apps: A great way to improve your Business’ ROI

iBeacon was first introduced by Apple that uses Bluetooth low-energy. Since then businesses have started understanding how important is it to get it implemented into their business in order to create or offer a new way of providing location-based information to the customers.

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Your Brand Storytelling: Reaching the target audience on a personal level

Storytelling is basically the art and hidden element of content marketing which is essential to bring life into your brand and helps in building brand reputation.

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Steps to Create a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy: Digital Marketing

A successful Social Media Marketing Strategy depends on having a well-planned guide that explains everything from attracting users with the ultimate goal of converting the audience into customers.

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iOS App Development Checklist: Points to consider before starting a new project

Mobile Applications have brought about a change in the business world as it bridges the gap between you and your customers.

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Factors Contributing Towards the Android App Development Cost

With an increasing number of brands jumping into mobile app development, it is observed that there has been a rise in the number of Android users.

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Gamification: Transforming the Education with Mobile App Development

Miracles are rare but it does happen if you believe so and one of the miracles took place with the advent of mobile apps. It has really helped a lot of entrepreneurs in taking their business to a whole new level.

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Are Micro Apps really the future of Mobile App Development?

The advent of mobile apps has offered quick solutions to the businesses. This concept is embraced by users as it is more convenient than using a mobile responsive website.

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Why does User-Experience Matter- Website Design and Development

It’s a universal truth that businesses want their customers to feel good about the products they offer. But what actually makes these customers feel good or bad is how well your website functions.

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How Android Apps Impacts the Industries to drive Success- InfiCare Technologies

Mobility Solution has become an essential part of every enterprise’s digital strategy. Even though mobile app development takes on a various platform including Android, iOS, and Cross-platforms but a study found that the Android OS, however, has progressed by leaps and bounds acquiring 87% percent of global market share.

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The Ultimate Mobile App Development UX Design Trends For 2018

User Experience is the most important element of the mobile application. If it is done right, it can make an app the top rating one and when done wrong, it can lead to turn away your customers from the app.

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How Content and SEO go hand in hand- SEO Service Provider

Content marketing and SEO are co-related to each other. An effective SEO cannot be made whole without quality content. Both of the components fit together and can work to help get your business new leads. Above all, studies show that content marketing can generate around three times more leads than traditional marketing and costs 60% less.

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2018 Content Marketing Strategy Tips and Checklist

Content marketing is a proven strategy which has helped businesses to generate leads, increase sales and build engagement with their potential customers.

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Native vs. Hybrid App Development: Which is better for your business?

There comes a variety of factors along with mobile app development that needs to be considered and if you have decided to get a mobile app developed for your business, what’s the best way to minimize cost and maximize the benefit?

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Siri now plays daily podcasts with iOS 11.2.2

With every update, Apple excites its users in providing amazing experience and has always delivered the best update keeping in mind what the audience wants. What iOS 11.2.2 has now?

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Why investing in Android App Development makes sense

We are living in the digital era and having just a website is not enough to serve all the business purposes. If you own a business which depends on your target audience for sales, you need to develop an app that reaches to a maximum number of people and for that matter, you cannot miss out to approach to the best.

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Reasons to choose iOS App Platform for your Business

With the changing technology and increase in the use of smartphones, app development has become an important step in the business world. The primary reason behind the use of applications for business is the quality of service that is provided to the user.

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What to Consider when Developing a Website

Do you have a business? Then you definitely must be having a website. If no, make sure you might tend to lose a huge traffic. Today’s inbound marketing is growing rapidly and in the midst of this having a business website is a must, no matter what industry you belong to, you can earn unimaginable results through your website

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Four myths about Android App Development

Mobile Applications have been around since 1980’s and have evolved immensely in both its design and functionality. Gradually, the long businesses have started realizing the need of having a mobile application can get better results of the marketing.

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Five Digital Marketing Components to Help Your Business Grow

Digital Marketing Solution for businesses is constantly evolving with the pace of technology. The year 2017 marked a great success for the businesses to get the search engine visibility which helped them to beat their competitors. Gone are the days when you could afford to ignore the internet.

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The Importance and Role of PHP in Web Development

Till date the world has seen the development of many new technologies like the dynamic, responsive, mobile, e-commerce websites and also web applications and if you are looking for ways to get a high-quality website for your business, then PHP would be the right answer.

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Checklist Points for Mobile App Development

For businesses looking to stay competitive in the modern marketplace, making the move to mobile apps is a smart strategy. Apps have become the important medium which businesses can’t afford to ignore.

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Content Marketing Tips to Follow in 2018

In today’s business world content has become the soul of marketing. Without the content on the web, it has become nearly impossible to explain what your business is all about.

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The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Mobile App Development

Hey, I think you are looking for a fresh E-Commerce Mobile Application for your business. An App that can build your brand image by reaching across the globe- right?

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Use of Artificial Intelligence in Web Design & Development

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the digital world in every possible way. Coming to the point, web development is evolving at a rapid rate and its focus is towards enhancing the user-experience.

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Augmented Reality Mobile Apps – The Future of App Development

Augmented Reality (AR) is the next big thing in the world of mobile technology in which the users witness the dream technologies becoming a reality with computer-generated data overlaid on it. It works with smartphones and tablet devices that use GPS to identify the location and then offer data as graphics, videos, and tags.

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All you need to know about WordPress Web Development

WordPress is the most popular content management system which is used on the web and it is supporting a million websites. In fact, the platform powers 4.5% of the entire web. It is an open source platform which is based on PHP and MySQL and is the best choice for enterprise websites. It allows updates and modifications of content on your website without having to know the code.

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How to Map a Mobile Customer Journey for App Development Strategy

By now you must have noticed that if you select the random users from your audience you will never find two identical ones with same experience. Each customer interacts and experiences differently with your app. So, in order to gain the loyal users, it is important to become a lighthouse and to lead them through your app according to their needs. This road is called mobile customer journey and keeping this in mind and understanding the customer journey is essential for mobile app development strategy to ensure the success of the app.

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How to create a Content Marketing strategy

The business world is living in the age of content overloaded and everyone tries to master the art of content writing but only a few have succeeded and for them, content marketing is not just a one way go thing but they are aware of what they do and hence excel in it. As the internet ages, the information becomes the most prominent source of creating value in the eyes of your audience.

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How to get your Mobile Application ready for the Festive Season.

“Tis’ the season to gain the attention of your customers by implementing these practices”
The festive season is approaching, the Christmas jingles along with the lights and with it the usages of mobile application are on hype. Mobile Application has now become a part of people’s lives and their dependency has increased which is clearly reflected in the app download rates.

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5 Mobile App Trends to follow in 2018 for Business Growth

Technology brings a new change along with it with every passing year and when we talk about Mobile Apps, 2017 has been a phenomenal year for app development. Mobile Application has now become a must for every business because of the user-experience and customer demand as it increase sales.

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iOS 11.2: Feature updates, release, and how to install the beta

iOS mobile application have always brought some or the other transformation along with its update which has marked a great experience for its users. But, the coming of iOS 11 has been considered as the biggest change in the Apple’s Operating System.

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Inficare Technologies Pushes the Stakes Higher Being the Top Web Development Company in India at GoodFirms

There are companies that claim of providing excellent solutions on-time and within budget with excellent client feedback. Also, there are companies that actually make the aforementioned facts possible! Inficare Technologies definitely deserves to be on the latter list. Inficare’s gigantic and impressive portfolio has made a powerful impact on the company’s global rank and has thereby been listed as Top Web Development Company in India at GoodFirms.

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How to choose App Development Company.

Before we jump on to our topic of the day, let’s focus on the growing need for mobile applications. Nowadays people are more into mobile applications then going for web search. Whether it is an e-commerce or any finance mobile application, they find it more convenient and reliable to use.

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InfiCare Technologies Named a Top App Development Company in Delhi on Clutch!

At InfiCare, we are a global software, mobile, and web development company with over 16 years of experience. We make it our mission to provide our clients with top-notch solutions that enable the success of their business. With the cost to build a mobile app on the rise, we strive to provide top value for our clients, always delivering on time and on budget. Recently, our hard work was noticed, as we were just named among the Top App Developers in Delhi by Clutch, a ratings and review firm out of Washington, D.C., in their annual research.

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Why Mobile Apps are Important for Your Business?

There is no doubt Apps are revolutionary changing the Mobile World now a days, and hence have become very significant for businesses and entrepreneurs. Due to rapid growth of smartphone users, it has become necessary for businesses to have mobile apps

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Tourist Attraction App – A Smartphone App for your Family Entertainment Center

Businesses in the world of today have become fast and on the go. Customers cannot be stopped on the streets by attractive billboards to look at your facility. They cannot be expected to read up the classifieds section of their newspaper every morning and evening. Why let them sit on the internet and browse for a tourist or leisure spot to visit with their family or overseas relatives, when they can get to your family attraction just by the click of an application on their smartphone?

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Can Smartphone Apps Increase Museum Visitors?

Museums are places that are loved by many people all around the world. For many individuals, they are a place that inspires a world of endless learning. With the use of specifically tailored and fashioned museum apps on a visitors smartphone or tablet the learning does not need to end when they walk out of the door. The museum experience can be taken with visitors wherever they go, and with the use of an app they can also receive the latest updates about new exhibits, upcoming special events or even discounts and great offers exclusive for app users; which is a great incentive to get them to continually have the app installed.

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Google+ Users Can Now Mail You Without Your Email Address

In its attempt to expand your digital address book, Google has come up with a new feature. The feature would enable Google + users to email others on the network without actually getting their email address. The move presents users with a double edged sword – it would be easy for people in your circles to mail you even if you haven’t exchanged emails. But, on the other hand, random strangers in your extended circles could easily email you.

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