Tips for Mobile App Development UI Design Trends

The mobile app designs keep on changing year after year as per the changing demand of the industry. In the quest of keeping your users and audience stick to your app, you need to leave behind the old designs and layouts and keep up with the new ideas of UI designs to make the experience innovative and value offering.

So how can you make it happen??

With the help of the top mobile app development company, you can get a complete feature-rich mobile app with the designs that compel your user to use it and recommend it further to others.

There comes a number of UI elements, so let’s get on them:-

Vibrant Colors

If you remember the logo of Instagram, you would recall it to be a flat blue color design. But did you know- Instagram was one of the first apps to modify their logo, move on from the flat, dull color tone to multi-colors.??

So now you know, that if you have to get your mobile app developed that you need to get in touch with the designers who are valiant and try out newer colors to make sure the colors allow you to create a unique, powerful, and eye-friendly experience.


A study shows that nearly 78% of people watch online videos per week, and over 55% see online videos every single day.

So accordingly, not implementing the videos in your app, you might tend to miss out on huge opportunity to hold your customers. Video-based content can help you convey information and feelings to your target audience.

Big Typography

Typography is the prime feature when we talk about the UI design of a Mobile App.

This is helping designers transform from the boring standard and traditional font styles to a more experimental, creative ones. Expect your app to have fancy and bold fonts to make it look alluring and unique.


By this I mean, overlapping of graphics, fonts, and colors which will not only make the UI design of your mobile app distinctive and eye-catching but also add a false sense of white space.

Overlapping of same elements makes the mobile app interface designs impressive and fantasy like.


Animations in fonts, icons, buttons, and images will leave a positive impact on the minds of the users giving them more enjoyable experiences.

So why wait??? Hurry and get your app designed or revamped!!!

Summing Up-
These were some of the trends that the tops mobile app development companies follow. There are a lot more and if you wish to get them, then share your app requirement today.

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