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iOS 11.2: Feature updates, release, and how to install the beta

iOS mobile application have always brought some or the other transformation along with its update which has marked a great experience for its users. But, the coming of iOS 11 has been considered as the biggest change in the Apple’s Operating System. It has been highly ambitious in offering promised features with each iOS 11 release. This was all about iOS 11, now if we look into iOS 11.2, the audience is curious to know and experience what iOS 11.2 is all about. Come let’s take a look.

What has been added to iOS 11.2?
iOS 11.2 has come up with a significant update and tweaks. Along with the other little bug fixes and little extra polish: Apple Pay Cash has been a new addition. There are a number of small visual changes. Some of them are:

AirPlay 2 Support- The beta 2 has the function to control the AirPlay 2 Device in the Control Centre which lets you control the audio output of multiple connected devices from your iPhone.

Calculator bug fix- This was a major bug which was observed, but the beta has resolved this issue. Earlier if it was entered 1+2+3 you’d get 23, but now it has been fixed.

Emoji Updates- The beta 2 has changed the arrangement of the emojis along with few new categories of emojis.

UI Update- The UI of Control Center has now been updated. Earlier a round-edged album art used to be displayed, but now it has turned into a square album art.

iPhone 8 Wallpapers for the older device- You can now find the iPhone 8 Wallpapers on the iPhone 7 but not on iPhone 6s.

iOS 11.2 is coming soon!
Well, the official date of the release of iOS 11.2 has not been commenced but if we look into the launching date of the apple products we can get a bit of idea, which lied somewhere by the end of 2017.

How can I get 11.2 Beta?
The first beta for iOS developers was released on October 30th and the public beta was released on November 1st. So if you are looking to grab the iOS 11.2 beta and check for the updated features and bug fixes, you can check on Beta Software Program page. Here, you can find a link to enroll your iOS device. Once you are logged in, you will be reminded by Apple to take the back up. Once you are through with it, you will be asked to go to on your device, where you want the beta on. The next is, you need to download and install the configuration profile which will allow you to check for the software updates in your Phone’s Settings.

So how was your experience with the iOS 11? Did you face any issues? Or if you haven’t tried to look for the 11.2 beta?

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