2018 Content Marketing Strategy Tips and Checklist

Content marketing is a proven strategy which has helped businesses to generate leads, increase sales and build engagement with their potential customers. Effective content marketing takes place by following a proper set of strategies and if you haven’t prepared the checklist, this blog is for you.

A study found that nearly 70% of the brands use content marketing to boost their brand awareness and brand promotion. Today we’ve brought to you some of the best tips and checklists that can help you tackle your usual tasks with less effort. Let’s take a look at:

Follow the framework

The whole content marketing is divided into different parts. These are-

  • Purpose and goals: You have to make it clear that why are you creating content and what value you expect it to provide.
  • Target audience: To whom you are going to target. That particular category of audience your content can benefit them the most.
  • Brand story: Let your audience know about the uniqueness and specialty of your brand. Whatever you write and publish should be relatable to your audience.


The Principles of Content Marketing

  • Do I have a complete knowledge of what content marketing is and what all it needs to drive a successful result?

Target Audience Impact

  • Am I aware of the consumer behavior and preferences when it comes to different business domains/ industry?
  • Do I have the knowledge of what my target audience is looking for on the search engines? What are their pain points and what sort of content can help them to meet their interest and need?

Benefits to Business

  • Are the marketing goals (sales, brand awareness, web traffic, and engagement) clear to me?
  • Am I aware of my competitors and content initiatives?
  • Can my business gain a competitive advantage with our own n content strategy/program?

Cost and Resources

  • Do I have a compiled estimate of the budget required for content creation or content marketing?
  • Am I aware of the ROI my business would need to achieve in order to be considered as having the best and successful content marketing strategy?

It’s not only a matter of how you create and publish your content but also how well your content does its job to drive the readers to further take a step ahead and turn them into customers. In the sense, choose the best content marketing company as they focus on the entire checklist mentioned above to bring out successful results.

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