Offshore Software Development Companies

Offshore Software Development Companies: How They Can Improve Your Business’ Security

The role that technology plays in business in the past decade has been more and more evident. The growth of technology in all areas has proven how much it can offer industries in many ways. Technology has positively impacted business owners and customers alike, from a wide range of services that businesses can now provide, more convenient and efficient ways of purchasing products, and secure methods of collecting and storing clients’ data.

With this being said, software security and improving your business’ security should be a priority. This article will tell you more about software security and common software vulnerabilities your business could encounter. Reading on, this article will also discuss what an offshore development company is and how it can greatly help improve your business’ security as well.

The Importance of Software Security

Software security involves designing, building, and executing strategies to safeguard software against malicious attacks and software vulnerabilities. Software security should be implemented across all sectors to guarantee the safety of your business, its stockholders, and clients.

Common Software Vulnerabilities

Software glitches or errors found in the software are considered software vulnerabilities or security risks. These could be errors in the code, a glitch in how it responds to commands, operating system issues, network errors, etc. Here are some common software vulnerabilities:

  • Code Injection – Code injection occurs when an attacker sends invalid data to the application as a command with the intent of having the application do something it was not programmed to do. Attackers get access to profitable data, which significantly compromises businesses.
  • Broken Authentication – The attackers target restricted control to a specific or account or even the entire system. The authentication is considered broken when attackers can access confidential details such as passwords and other sensitive information. This highlights the need for businesses to implement a multifactor authentication system for their software.
  • Sensitive Data Exposure – Also known as a security breach, sensitive data exposure happens when confidential information such as credentials, credit card details, and other personal information has been leaked or compromised.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is a global trend that is the process of utilizing software solutions or services from a remote location. This involves skilled outsourcing developers who have the latest IT expertise and can develop your business’ software, applications, and other similar solutions and services your business may offer.

Offshore software development companies must also get code signing certificates or SSL certificates as part of data protection. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a digital file that assists with authenticating and verifying the identity of a website or host. This is how code signing is different from SSL. Code signing certificates are signed by the publisher, therefore serving as a guarantee that the code of a software or any program has not been tampered with.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Software Development Company?

Hiring an offshore software development company can do wonders for businesses and business owners alike. Some companies may already have their in-house development team but find it challenging to take on bigger projects. Other companies may be struggling with keeping up with technology constantly changing. This is where offshore software development companies come in and save the day so you can have the assurance of secure software. Here are a few ways offshore software development companies can help your business:

  • Focus on business activities – Since you already have an offshore development team focusing on software security, this allows you and your team to focus on sales, customer service, and other aspects of the business without the stress that comes with supervising or managing software development.
  • A skilled team of talented developers – Access to available skilled developers is more than possible through offshore software development. Most of the time, these partners have experience working with other clients for international projects, giving you the assurance that they understand the work process and challenges that come with them.
  • Confidentiality is prioritized – Hiring an offshore software development company means that the company has already gone through recruiting highly skilled developers. This recruitment process also includes non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality contracts, and policies that protect the privacy of your business.
  • Lower operational costs – Maintaining an in-house development team can be costly for many reasons, including investing in training and making sure they are equipped with the skills and expertise to deal with the latest technology. Offshoring your software development saves you from such costs and efforts.

Scouting for an offshore software development company need not be a hassle. Let Inficare Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. be your partner in ensuring your business’ software’s security. With the help of Inficaretech, their dedicated team, and the wide range of quality services they offer, you can guarantee that your business’ software will be ready to counter any malicious attack that may be faced. Quality businesses require quality solutions. Ensure the quality your business can offer by prioritizing software security, and rest assured your business will only go forward.