4 Copywriting tips to keep the target audience’s eyes glued to your screen

One of our clients (Danny) told us that they have a variety of skin care products on their website that aren’t being sold out. We do understand how hard it had been for him to start up a business but unable to earn profit out of it.

Here we aren’t against the quality of the skin products. Not at all!

But there are too many businesses and marketers trying their level best to beat the competition. We did observe the products that he was selling online and trust us; they were too good. But the problem is every Tom, Dick & Harry is also offering the same skin care products.

The only question here is- What can make Danny’s Skin Products be better than others? How the target audience can reach out to Danny’s products???

Here comes ‘COPYWRITING’ in the picture which makes the selling possible!

Why is it important?

The demand for copywriting is growing as this is helping the businesses to grow their presence all over the web. So, if you haven’t started off with copywriting then it’s time that you approach skilled content marketing professionals who would not only help you with blogs and articles but can also help spread the brand awareness on the Social Media.

Today, huge content is being shared on the web every single day in every next hour. So it becomes difficult for the brands to stand out from the competitors when so much content is present at all times. Don’t worry; as professional writers are here to help your business grow by attracting more customers, and develop a stronger and a unique brand voice.

Now that we have discussed about Copywriting, we are going to discuss some of the tips that our experts implement while writing that helps them keep the readers engaged throughout the blog/article.


The moment you open up an article, it is the headline that catches your attention and then comes the sub-headings. A good headline will tell visitors what they will get from your piece of information.

For instance, you are a coffee shop and want to grab the attention of your target audience on your website. The headline shouldn’t be generic, like “Welcome to [Company Name].” Instead of using a descriptive headline, such as “The Art of Coffee Making” — or better yet, a call to action “Register Now to learn more about the Art of Coffee Making” can hold your reader’s attention.


Did you observe how in the very beginning we made it clear about Copywriting with the help of Danny’s story?? It pulled your attention as it was a story that one could relate to and also how he turned his ineffective skin product website into an effective one.

With no second thought, we can clearly say – Stories build trust & create hope in the minds of your audience.


While writing about products and services it’s important to describe facts, features & benefits but connecting it with emotions shouldn’t be forgotten.

You can set up a day-to-day example in your copy so that they can relate to it. Hence it is not the product or services but people will buy an emotion which they would recommend to others too.


The copy should be such that it seems to be less like something written in words than talking to people. We make sure that the copy talks to the readers! I hope you answer the former. This could be done by writing in an informal way rather than keeping your copy too formal. To incorporate the conversational tone into the copy, the uses of words like I, you, we, me, they, etc. and examples should be done.

For instance- I have been working on this project since last year and it has helped my company grow immensely.

So these were the four tips followed by our experts to keep the readers engaged. If you wish to start copywriting technique or know more about content marketing services then talk to our experts at You can also connect with us on Skype (ID- infiCare5).