Are Micro Apps really the future of Mobile App Development?

The advent of mobile apps has offered quick solutions to the businesses. This concept is embraced by users as it is more convenient than using a mobile responsive website. Since technology has taken a giant leap forward, the pressure to remain ahead and above the competition of thousands of similar apps is increasing gradually and the only way to win your users is to provide them with a wholesome feature-rich mobile app.

What is that one thing that could bring an app to success? The simplest answer would be an app that could provide a quick solution to the users without taking much time and being a renowned mobile app development company in India, we focus of Micro App Development too.

Today, we will be looking a detailed form Micro Apps and what makes it the future of Mobile App Development.

What is basically a Micro App?

An app delivering highly targeted functionality is a Micro App. These apps are smaller in size, customer and specific task focused to aid users in performing specific tasks instantly. For instance, a weather forecast app- delivering highly focused task-based functionality that allows the user to interact with it.

Why there is a sudden rise in the demand for Micro apps?

1. General Apps have become burdensome
The competition is growing and in the midst of this race, businesses try to add more and more features in their apps which make them complex resulting in slow to load and consuming more storage space. This complexity results in unsatisfied users who often take the step to get the app flushed out of their smartphone.

2. Simple user experience
Your target audience mostly expects an application which has a smooth functioning and instant navigation. But at times, such applications fail to comply with this basic requirement often due to their complicated framework. But the micro apps are light in size occupying minimal space in the device. This makes it easy to use.

3. Soaring Mobile App Development Cost
Staying updated with the latest technology exerts a lot of pressure on the developers to design applications that can render an incredible user experience while competing with the high budget apps. This is one the reasons behind the rising demand for micro-apps.

Because of the above-mentioned points there is a gradual shift from the heavy, feature-rich mobile applications towards a demand for Micro Apps Development.

Let’s see what other things come into the picture when we talk about micro-apps.

  • Ease of accessibility
  • Micro apps are developed with limited resources
  • These apps are function-specific which means, a weather forecast will only feed in the daily weather report to the device on a daily basis.

Summing Up-

We aren’t completely commenting that micro application is to replace the general mobile apps but are definitely the next generation of such apps.

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