iBeacon Mobile Apps: A great way to improve your Business’ ROI

iBeacon was first introduced by Apple that uses Bluetooth low-energy. Since then businesses have started understanding how important is it to get it implemented into their business in order to create or offer a new way of providing location-based information to the customers. So we being one of the renowned mobile app development companies in India are here to discuss how our iBeacon solution both for iOS and Android devices can benefit your business. No matter what industry you belong to, you can leverage the benefits of iBeacon integration within the app.

How does Beacon actually work?

Technology comes with surprises and there is no doubt about it. iBeacon picks up signals beamed from any iOS/Android device that supports sharing data using Bluetooth low energy (BLE). As your customer comes near the object, their device will start receiving an alert in context to the object that would share information about it. As a business owner, you must be thinking of reaping the advantages of iBeacon technology. Here we have mentioned some of the industry that can best go with iBeacon integration within their mobile app.

iBeacon for Travel Industry

By getting an app developed with iBeacon integration you can let the travelers receive relevant information about places they can visit or about restaurants where they can eat.

People travel from one place to other, they sometimes find it difficult to find and get information about affordable hotels where they can sleep overnight or for special offers as soon as they check into a hotel. What else could be a better idea to improvise the customer engagement that all depends on push-notification?

iBeacon for Entertainment Industry

With this, your users can get information about what is playing or before they board a train or plane. You can send them, push-notification regarding best artist to listen or what magazines they can prefer to read.

iBeacon for Retail Stores

This technology has been adopted by many businesses as it enables the customers to check out information about any particular product or before they can make the purchase. They can get the details easily about any special deal or discounts (if any).

Here’s an example- Say suppose your customer walks in your store, then iBeacon can detect their devices and will ask them about buying the latest models or not.

So these were some of the industries, if you are amongst them or any other and searching up for an experienced iBeacon mobile app development company, then end your search with us. Talk to our experts at You can also connect with us on Skype (ID- infiCare5)