An Insider’s Guide to Mobile App Development

Having years of experience in the UI/UX industry, the designing world has changed a lot. Projects after projects we encountered a lot of new things and features, trends and strategies that took us our flight as the leading mobile app development company high above.

Time and again many new app design techniques and tools emerged out to help to build masterpieces for our clients that really turned out to be satisfying to our clients.

Even though new terminologies have come into the existence and we do walk accordingly by keeping them in mind but one thing still remains the same, i.e., the mobile app development process.

Below I have mentioned few recommendations needed to be followed while designing the mobile app. Let’s take a look at it.

Make a blueprint of the mobile app (Sketching Phase)

The designing team listens to the requirement of the client and then pen down the imagination on paper in the form of a rough sketch. Once the designers are done with the blueprint describing the app look and flow, they come across ways to turn the sketch into reality.

Later it is decided about which layout the app can have, to keep it simple, interactive that can clearly depict the brand’s story as well as go with the user needs.

Build a Prototype

With a rough sketch of the app, the next phase is to create a prototype of the mobile application. It includes a simple sketch of the app interface to the dynamic interactive model. This is taken care of by the development team.

The Visual Design comes in the picture

The whole mobile application development depends on the app appearance. So the mobile app development company ensures that the app design is not only lucrative but also consistent, functional and identifiable via visual language.

The design is created in such a way that it elevates the functionality of the app without letting people get bored or unclear about the functions of the app. In this stage, the designer has to follow the rules and expressions that iOS and Android platform has already established related to UI components, coloured navigation bar, and others.

Then comes the Development

Once everything is designed, the development team starts with the mobile development process. Challenges are faced by the developers but along with the team they overcome it to make the app successful. Above all, the design and development team work together to build the right interactive product.

And finally, the testing phase takes place before the final launch.

No right product can be delivered in one try. It all depends on the changing mobile app design trends, user preferences, emerging technologies that make it market–fit.

So this was just an abbreviated version of every stage of the mobile app development process. To get a comprehensive detail, connect with our experts today!


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