Bring the power of IBM Watson and change the nature of your business!

We have often heard people saying- ‘work smart instead of hard’ and without any doubt, I would say- Yes, it is applicable at a certain point in our life.

But when technology is becoming more than smart, you cannot miss out on a chance to get it implemented in your business.

I am talking about IBM-Watson that is taking the business industry to the next and higher level. But how???

Hold on… as we move further we will be discussing more about it.

It isn’t going to be a new thing if I say that the business industry has mobile technology over the last few years and this race isn’t going to stop, instead it will continue to grow expeditiously. So it has now become important for businesses to stay updated with the latest technology in order to incorporate it into the existing or new mobile apps. IBM-Watson, with conversational/cognitive computing, has already started to benefit businesses, where the mobile apps interact with humans via natural language and help them to understand in their own way.

There are a variety of apps available in the market that are IBM –Watson powered, similarly we at infiCare are proud to share with you that we have the expertise in developing apps with the integration of the IBM-Watson and we have successfully implemented it in one of our application where speech to text feature. This technology isn’t restricted to any specific industry. In fact, it is being used in multiple industries, universities, online coaching classes and many others.

Below I have mentioned a few of the features that will help you understand in a more detailed way and also can help you know that the technology is going to be useful and best for your target audience. Let’s read ahead….

Watson powered apps are really helpful as it;

  • Converts speech to text and can easily help the users to share it with the groups and communities.
  • Efficiently connects users with topic experts, for those who want to grow their proficiency.

Summing Up-
Today businesses are using IBM Watson to grow and transform their businesses in huge ways that are making a lot of difference in how they used to present their business and how they are doing it now.

So what about your business? At this point, science and art are there in every industry and the question isn’t “What can Watson do?”

But: “How can you use Watson to work for you?”

Don’t worry; our experts will help you know in a more detailed way. If you have related queries or mobile app development ideas, then feel free to share it will us.

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