How Food Delivery App is taking the market by storm!

With the technology coming up with wonders every year makes the audience feel excited about it. Today almost every business industry is providing technology-driven solutions and is embracing the most hyped platform, i.e., Mobile Apps (in order to beat the competition.)

So why the food industry stay behind?? The Food Delivery Apps are now taking a high leap in the market and creating their way towards the top. With people becoming more and more food explorer they are always in hunt of something that they can get on-demand and that too at affordable prices.

Today, the process of ordering food online has been made so easy as compared to the years till 2014. Your customers can order food on the app with just few clicks and it will be delivered right to their doorstep. The mobile app development companies have come up with the solution by keeping the jam-packed schedules of the individuals who find it difficult to come back home from a hectic schedule and manage to cook food or find the time to go out and eat.

Let’s take a quick look at how Zomato has reached the new heights with a mobile app. Just when they started back in 2015 they had one million orders in a period of over a year.

Why a Mobile App for your food business?

Because a food delivery app makes the life of your target audience easier. In the sense, if given a choice, the majority of people would love to sit and eat at the comfort of their home after a very long day. It fits best for the people who would like to eat whatever they want to. All the more, investing in such a trending demand of the users won’t let you get dissatisfied as you are going to experience a good Return on Investment.

What all does it need for an on-demand food delivery app to be a success?

When we think about the users, a lot of questions might revolve around our head as it is not easy to attract users to your app. That is why our experts have brought up some of the points that need to be considered when getting an app developed that proves to be appealing to the users. Let’s begin-

The UI/UX is important!
This is the very first phase of the app development process that shouldn’t be skipped. It is the app icon, the login screen and the dashboard of the app that will first grab the attention. After all, it the time which the user spends on the app that counts. A dull and boring screen would turn away your customers.

Our experts make the app design very interactive and unique, by keeping in mind that it doesn’t become a complex one. The users don’t like to click pages after pages in order to find the basic information (address, contact number, menu options, reviews etc.) So we make sure that all are presented in one place.

The Expected Time of Delivery
Right after the user orders the food, he/should be notified of the expected delivery time of the food so that they would at least have a fair idea of when the food will be arriving. Food App that doesn’t show up the delivery time is likely to get less or no attention and as a result, your customers would switch on to other alternatives.

Tracking the food
We help your customers remain updated right from the shipment till the delivery of the order. By letting them track their food order will be a step further in keeping them engaged within the app.


These were the basic points, the other features that should be there in the app are-

  • Feedback option, in order to let your customers review the food. This can help you know the areas that you need to work on.
  • Multiple Payment methods, such as Payment through Credit or Debit Card, Cash on Delivery, Pay Pal and so on.
  • Social Media Integration, to let the users post review on the food on their social media walls. This would grab the attention of more and more people out there.

Are you ready to get your own food delivery app?

Having a restaurant and not having a food delivery app? Oh, you might miss a huge opportunity as your target audience is on mobile phones these days.

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