Now build ‘meaningful relationships’ through FACEBOOK!

As a little girl, I always thought that making friends was only possible either in school or summer camps. The camp would conclude with a group sing-along, the exchange of addresses, and earnest promises of never-ending friendship that would last forever.

But that was long ago. As I grew up, I wanted to see everyone at my orders and according to my desires and during the course of time Facebook helped me a lot.

Hey, is that your story too????

Okay, by not taking much of your time, why I have been talking about friendship in the above lines is because of our topic of the day i.e., FACEBOOK!

Yup… again a new feature which is going to be a product of Facebook, hold on….. It’s really exciting as it is related to DATING … You read that right!!

Ummm…. You must be wondering how is going to be!!

Well, I too had the same thought but let’s not go into what is this and how is this going to happen even, let’s begin the quest…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled and thrown the most exciting feature that will make the social media giant enter the match-making market with a dating service that will help build meaningful relationships.


In one word if I say- ‘A lot.’ I think I won’t be covering all here but just important and basic ones. Continue reading…

  • The creation of Dating profiles will be separate from the individual’s primary profiles.
  • The feature would link the user’s profile to events and groups, letting their profile connect with dating profiles via shared interests. Yoo-hoo, this is so cool!!!
  • The dating profile will just have the first name of the user.
  • To avoid the mess, the dating conversations will be limited to text only.
  • The user, if declared themselves ‘SINGLE’ then only he/she will be allowed to use the feature.

These were the basic features as per the report. There are many features that I haven’t covered much here. There are many that might come up with the usage of Facebook’s dating feature like the

  • Will it have the ‘Block Contact’ option?
  • Can you report a stalker?
  • How far will it secure?

So let’s wait and keep our fingers crossed!

The year has been a challenging year for the Facebook team I truly believe that the updates and feature will bring a positive difference in people’s lives.

With this I would like to wrap it up and also, to know more about tech-filled information keep watching this space.

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