Tips for Using Hashtags across Social Media Platforms- Digital Marketing

Few years ago the symbol ‘#’ was just known as a hash mark (that was observed specially on the dial pad of the phone). But then as you all know the social blue bird (Twitter) flew high and turned this mundane symbol into an online sensation.

Today, most of the individuals out there, whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media channels, simply aren’t able to ignore the usage of these #hashtags.

So, how hashtags on Social Media has become a must for businesses across the globe covering all the platforms? It is vital that you build up your social media pages to maximize your chances of reaching new leads. So how do the popular Social Media works? It is the hashtags that are known as the powerful tool of the Social Media that can help your business reach the target audience.

Hashtags grew and gained popularity over the past few years, and people continue to use them on their social media profiles. It serves as an opportunity for your business to expand your brand.

For instance, if somebody is looking up for certain product or services using the hashtags, chances are there that they might end up finding your business. If you haven’t used hashtags in your social media marketing campaigns or if any queries related to it then approaching the
digital marketing experts would help you with it.

Thanks to hashtags, as your posts are no longer limited just to your followers!

You may be wondering how to use hashtags properly. What kind of hashtags is effective with your audience? Our team has come up with some of the tips related to hashtags that we use on the Social Media Platforms.

Know your platform

Not all the platform would work best for you. It all depends on the industry you deal with. The hashtags on some of the Social Media platform are limited to some of the platforms while some might enable you to use dozens of hashtags. For example, Instagram one to generate their own hashtags. Facebook works with fewer hashtags. So it is important to understand which platform is right for your business. Our experts assist our clients to know in detail about it and helping them spread the brand awareness.

Create specific hashtags

If you want to create the right buzzes around your business then focusing on it you need to have specific hashtags. Generic hashtags may be used often, but they won’t generate the right buzz around your business. By using a more specific hashtags you are driving in people who specifically search for that particular product. For instance, if somebody is searching for #pasta or #pastries, then it is obvious that your business would appear to them. This will drive in more credible leads for your business. You can focus better on your target market by using more specific hashtags.

Using the hashtags at the right time

If you aren’t aware of it, then we tell you that hashtags work best with the timings. Yes, it is important to focus on delivering great hashtags than trying to deliver hashtags on every post. The main objective should be quality rather than quantity of hashtags.

The use of trending hashtags

The moment you open Facebook or Twitter you must have noticed that at the corner right there appears the trending hashtags of the day. Utilizing these hashtags in your posts can drive in your audience. Some of them which could be considered are #MotivationMonday, #photoftheday, #fridayfeeling and #WisdomWednesday to promote your brand. Our experts make sure that they use these hashtags in an industry-specific way.

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