Tourist Attraction App – A Smartphone App for your Family Entertainment Center

Businesses in the world of today have become fast and on the go. Customers cannot be stopped on the streets by attractive billboards to look at your facility. They cannot be expected to read up the classifieds section of their newspaper every morning and evening. Why let them sit on the internet and browse for a tourist or leisure spot to visit with their family or overseas relatives, when they can get to your family attraction just by the click of an application on their smartphone?
The official Tourist Attraction app is now live and waiting for your family entertainment business. Sign up and have your own app up and running within days.

Once your personalized app is live on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it will create a new bond with your customers. The app be named as you want, have logo of your business and short details of what the facility provides. The app would have the ‘about’ section that would give a short detail to the public as to the entertainment and activities your place of business provides with. Whether it is a safari park, a theme park including water sports or ice skating rink, paintball or go-karting, the public can be easily attracted to your facility. The ‘highlights’ tab on your personalized app would provide a gallery of pictures of your business, where you can add or remove pictorial content of your facility to your liking. It would help to summarize the venue as to how it looks and feels like to be there.

You can change and update the content of your app whenever you want without requiring a developer. In the attractions tab, you list down the detailed activities provided at your facility. If it is a theme park, for example, you can list down the names of your rides and give details of them. Pictures and videos can be uploaded to further clarify the public as to what your ride entails.

The app would also include the ‘events’ tab. Here you can upload all the upcoming events, special promotions and openings of new attractions or activities. Public can easily get details of timings, durations, costs and tickets’ availability. In FAQs section, you can add frequently asked questions and answers.
Your tourist attraction app from InfiCare Technologies would be designed in a unique way that it becomes a pleasant experience for the customers. The app would come with multi-lingual options whereby the user can select his language of interest to read up. Push notifications would also be enabled on the user’s smartphone to remind them of upcoming events and activities available at your facility. The app works offline as well as online. It comes with Google Maps™ integration and would give driving and walking directions to your location. Users can connect with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The app also includes a trivia section that indulges the user into some fun trivia about your tourist spot. In order to make the app more attractive and user friendly, trivia answers can be scratched off for revealing. Users can further mark their favourites anywhere on your tourist app and have one touch access to the content of their liking.

Click here for a short video and features and to connect with InfiCare Technologies. You can buy the App or pay a monthly subscription charge and get your personalized tourist attraction app up and running within days. The app will remain free for the public.