The Ultimate Mobile App Development UX Design Trends For 2018

User Experience is the most important element of the mobile application. If it is done right, it can make an app the top rating one and when done wrong, it can lead to turn away your customers from the app. So, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge about the latest trends of UI & UX Designs.

To develop a business app means to let your audience stay on it with amazing experience without leaving a task in between as it could be really a big turn off for your business.

To simplify the task, we have listed below the impactful UX design which is followed by the best mobile app development companies in India, keeping in mind the idea of what your target audience is looking for in the mobile device.

#1: Simplified User Journey

It is always good to keep the app precise so that when the user interacts with the app, they don’t have to spend much time on it and can drive the required goal with a better experience. What all it needs to create a simplified journey for your user? Well, a design with a specific beginning and end that allows the users to complete one action without investing much time into it.

#2: App to be Content-Centered

This isn’t new, but yes to maintain it further, it is the well-curated and easy to understand content the makes your app compelling. What needs to be done now is decluttering the irrelevant content and displaying the relevant content which itself elaborates everything that is important for the user to understand. The content should be arranged in a proper hierarchy to make content comprehension easier.

#3: Well arranged images and videos

Images and videos make your app look appealing. So it is mandatory to provide full-screen experience to your users by keeping the high-quality images and videos in the app that aren’t pixilated.

#4: Natural Interactions with apps

2018 is laying emphasis on the gestures that will change the way users interact with the app. For instance, Instead of tapping on the button or icon for marking a piece of content as the favorite, it will be made possible to make it more naturally by drawing ‘heart’ icon on the screen.

# 5: The Use of Vibrant Colors

When it comes to mobile app design, colors cannot be left behind. With no doubt, colors are the most powerful in the designer’s toolkit as it draws attention, set a mood and influence user’s emotions and actions. It can help in creating a great functional experience as colors can be used to visually separate different sections in the app.

#6: Emotions in UI Feedback

We humans, develop an emotional connection with the products we use in our day-to-day life. And if we find a product or service that satisfies us, we come up with an urge to rate or review the product. So far feedbacks were being given in written form, but the trend has changed. Human-like feedback will be integrated within the app to let your users interact with it.

Final Words

Talking about mobile app development, the UI & UX trends have a tendency to come and go with each passing year, but the best mobile app development companies prefer to follow those which would stick around.

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