Four myths about Android App Development

Mobile Applications have been around since 1980’s and have evolved immensely in both its design and functionality. Gradually, the long businesses have started realizing the need of having a mobile application can get better results of the marketing. So designing a good mobile application for your business is a breeze as it gives a great user experience and numerous benefits to your business.

A study found that the total number of Android app downloads in 2017 was 50 billion which was more when compared to the other operating systems. Nevertheless, Android application development services does require a good knowledge of Java, installation of software development kit, an integrated development environment such a virtual device to test your app on.

But along with it, Android app development is shrouded in myths which are making the businesses hesitant to take a step toward mobile app development. Let’s see what they are;

#1: Mobile Applications are only aimed at smartphones

The fact that the largest users of mobile applications are people with smartphones might be true but in no way means that these applications are limited to the smartphones only. There are several other devices such as tablets, smart watches, etc. that are fully capable of making the best use of these applications.

#2: App development is expensive

This is perhaps one of the myths which the businesses believe. But it is not at all applicable as the android app development requires fixed budget unless the project is complex and involves complex requirements.

#3: Developing an app is a quick process

It is believed that developing a mobile application is a quick and easy process. Even though it is easier to develop a simple app faster than a complex one but it still takes a tedious process which can take few or several weeks to complete as there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care while developing an app such as user interface, bugs resolving, marketing strategy etc.

#4: A great android app will sell itself

Your team has developed a great app that your customers will find in the market. So now it’s time to sit and relax. Really? If only it was so simple. Once you have an app that is going to make you money, work out your numbers. By this, we mean the number of downloads which includes organic and inorganic downloads which gives you a clear picture of from where you are getting your customers and on which channels you should be spending more time and money.

Android app development has revolutionized the way developers create an application. There are more Android app development myths but it is recommended to research well to know behind-the-scenes story and plan accordingly for your business.

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