A Comprehensive Guide on Play Store Optimization

PSO has today become a necessary means for businesses in getting the apps ranked higher among the list of thousands of apps.

To make it very simple for you, just like search engine optimization, the Play Store Optimizations also show their effect only when worked both on and off store.

Didn’t get?? Don’t worry, this blog post will help you further. By partnering with the best mobile app development company your dream business app can achieve the attention of your target audience.

So what is on store and off store optimization?

On store factors – this category includes the right set of keywords in the app description or its title to enable Play Store search algorithms to fetch them when showing results to the audience.

Off store factors – this category include setting up enough backlinks coming in from different sources which could be– articles, videos, or mentions.

So readers, now that you know what basically are on and off store optimization, let us now get in depth of it and know how to reap the benefits of the time and effort you have spent into getting it developed.

Market Research

The first step towards optimizing your app is to do a thorough market research as the end result is what matters to you the most and that is maximum downloads.

Understand what’s the need and requirements of your user and what is going on in your users’ head, and then you will have an idea to show/vocalize their needs.

Also, make sure that you will need to analyze the depth of your competitors.

By having a clear insight into both – your customers and your competitors – will show you exactly what your customers are looking for.

Keyword Optimization

The best company will guide you the best to convert those insights into keywords and phrases that your users will search for your app with. The two ways of finding keywords are-

  • Use what your competitors are using
  • Randomly choose the keywords that the world is using when looking for a product or service in your category.


The number one element of getting the app optimized is the title. Google has extended the app title character limit to 50 characters since July 2017. So you need to be wise enough while choosing the title of the app.

So these were the basics, other than the above-mentioned points that our app marketing experts will help you know in a more detailed way. Get in touch with the best mobile app development company to reap the best for your business.

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